Keurig K425 vs K475

The Keurig K425 and K427 are both elite quality, single-serve coffee makers, but if you are wondering, which one is the best? Then I would say the Keurig K427 because it comes with some exclusive features and accessories that the K425 does not have.



Both K425 and K475 models are equipped with a 2.4-inch color, touch screen, which facilitates unbelievably easy and hassle-free operation. The control panel comes with the same menus for both models, offering you a variety of settings to choose from, to make a delicious cup of fresh, hot coffee according to your liking.

Specs and Design

Both designs have the same measurements- 10.5” Wide x 13.2” High x 13.3” Deep – which is unbelievably compact, considering what they’re capable of. Both K425 and K475 are equipped with a huge water reservoir, which can hold 70 ounces of water, which will give us 8 full cups of delightful coffee!

Moving on to design, these two premium coffee makers look pretty much alike, and both of them have been given a smart and sleek design, which makes them stand out and look beautiful on your countertop. Furthermore, both models are available in multiple colors, such as: Standard black, red, and silver, so you can pick whichever suits your taste.


Both the K425 and K475 models offer multiple K-cup pod brew sizes, such as: 4,6,8,10,12,14,16,22,26 and 30oz. Both these all-rounders have the capacity to brew a Carafe (22, 26 or 30oz) using K-Carafe pods.

Although the main function of these machines is to brew pod coffee, you can use your own coffee grounds as well, which will be made possible by buying a My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter. You can only use a Keurig Carafe to adjust with Keurig appliances.


The famed K425 and K475 come with a particularly user-friendly brewing process. The convenience of the machine’s programs definitely makes things a lot easier.
The instructions are very clear and precise, and with such a high-speed brewing process, you’d be ready with your first cup within a minute.


It’s no surprise that the performance is great for both these models, as they both are finished with the brewing process within a minute.

Furthermore, the operation is almost soundless, so you can enjoy your delicious beverage, while maintaining a peaceful environment around yourself.

Not to forget, both these coffee makers allow you to choose from 11 different brew sizes, so you can enjoy your drink in much larger amounts.


The removable parts, such as the drip tray and the water reservoir, are extremely easy to wash and clean. You will find a step-by-step guide in the manual which will come with both these coffee makers, which will make it very easy for you to figure out the cleaning process.

Main Features

Strength Control

Both the K425 and the K475 are equipped with strength control. What this facilitates is that it allows you to brew bold, mild, decaf, or flavored cups to match your preference and mood. Basically, it allows you to control how strong or light you want your coffee flavors to be.

Auto Off / On

The automatic on/off function helps in conserving energy and protects the appliances from unwanted damage. As the pattern suggests, both these models are equipped with this feature.
To shed more light on this feature, the auto shut off setting, automatically shuts down the appliance two hours after the last brew cycle.

Furthermore, once this incredible machine notes down your pattern, it will automatically turn on, heat up, and brew a cup of your preferred caffeinated drink. This means that as this machine will have your favorite beverage ready for you as soon as you wake up.


The 2.4-inch colored touch screen that comes with both the Keurig models is quite a useful and brilliant feature. It gives your coffee maker a much different and much more advanced look, compared to the traditional coffee makers in the market at the moment. This translates further onto the overall look of your kitchen as well.

Furthermore, it is also equipped with a digital clock, which will make it easier for you to brew a cup of coffee in a more timely manner. You can also notice that it takes less than a minute to brew a cup of coffee, as guaranteed by the brand. From, this touchscreen, you can also choose from 11 different brew sizes with just a single touch.

Also, from this handy touchscreen, you can program your brewer to automatically turn on and off at your preferred times, the benefits of which have been mentioned above.


As mentioned earlier, both the K425 and K475 are equipped with 11 different brewing sizes. Both the machines facilitate the use of K Carafe pods, so that you are able to have enough coffee with convenience whenever you need it. It is also important to note that you will only be allowed to use a Keurig Carafe with Keurig appliances; any other brand will not be usable with these models.

The Removable Parts

The removable parts include the water reservoir and the drip tray. Both of these are the easiest to wash and descale. If you are well-experienced with descaling, you can go ahead without any concerns, as the process is very simple. For those who would require some guidance with the process however, you need not worry, as you can always refer to the step-by-step guide which is included in the manual.

It is important to make sure that you clean your appliance every 3 months. Not doing so might cause serious damage to the machine.


Apart from the size, the k425 (10lbs), is 3 pounds lighter than the k475 (13lbs). Therefore, it might be more difficult to move the newer model around. You will need to analyze your space and set the machine in a suitable spot.

The Similarities

The Keurig K425 and Keurig K427 both share quite a lot of similarities. Both of them feature a 70-ounce water reservoir, and both these remarkable machines offer you a wide array of 11 different brew sizes to choose from. Both of them feature a large, color touch screen that instantly gives the contraptions a digital and trendy look. The coffee makers also include detachable parts that are incredibly easy to clean and reattach. The best part is that both of them feature an auto shut-off system that saves energy and prevents the coffee makers from heating up.


As you may have gauged from all the features, we have mentioned in our article that both the Keurig K425 and the Keurig K427 are amazing coffee makers and could be the perfect new addition to your kitchen countertop. You can choose whichever one you prefer based on your budget and also the different specifications and features we have mentioned above. If you have a larger budget, you can purchase the K427 since it comes with a water filter starter kit.

But if the water filter starter kit is something that you need, then you can purchase the K425 and also save a couple of bucks!

Even though at first glance, both of them seem identical, they do have quite a lot of difference is features and accessories. Even though the Keurig k425 includes a reusable My K-Cup filter pod, which is a very tiny coffee filter with a mesh screen and plastic body frame, the K427 comes with a water filter handle, 6 different K-Cup pods and two extra filters as well.

The water filter handle is an extremely essential tool that helps in removing and replacing filters. It also consists of two charcoal filters that play an important role in purifying the water. Otherwise, both these coffee makers are quite powerful, efficient and offer you a lot of variety and convenience.