Bonavita 1900 VS 1800 – Which One Is The Best?

Bonavita 1800 vs 1900

Although Bonavita is a new and upcoming brand, it has already started creating ripples in the coffee maker industry. It is known for creating award-winning coffee makers and it is one of the very few that are SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) approved brewers out there. The Bonavita 1900 and Bonavita 1800 are the … Read more

Baratza Encore vs Virtuoso

The Baratza Encore and Virtuoso+ are both spectacular and high quality, conical burr grinders, but if you are wondering which one is the best among these two, then I would have to say the Baratza Encore is the best one. To know why it is the best, let’s take a closer look. Why is the … Read more

Keurig K425 vs K475


The Keurig K425 and K427 are both elite quality, single-serve coffee makers, but if you are wondering, which one is the best? Then I would say the Keurig K427 because it comes with some exclusive features and accessories that the K425 does not have. Setup Both K425 and K475 models are equipped with a 2.4-inch … Read more

Baratza Encore vs Capresso Infinity

The Baratza Encore and Capresso Infinity are two of the best conical burr grinders. They are both very high quality, durable and affordable. But if you are here to know which is the better coffee grinder between these two, then I would have to say the Baratza Encore is the best one. You may be … Read more