Can You Make Instant Coffee With Cold Water?

Instant Coffee With Cold Water

This question is the object of debate among coffee consumers but emerging instant coffee has opened up new avenues. Gone are the days of the hassle of getting hot water for coffee brewing. Now cold water is widely used to make instant coffee.

So the answer is yes. Yes, you can make instant coffee with cold water, and yes, it tastes pretty good. However, there are a few steps in making this happen.

What Is Cold Water Coffee?

Coldwater coffee is a term used to describe making a cup of coffee by using only cold water. This is done to reduce or remove the caffeine from the coffee. This type of coffee is often decaf coffee and is sometimes confused with the more common phrase “cold brew,” which is another way of saying “cold-filtered coffee.”

Compared to hot water coffee, cold water coffee has a longer extraction time. This means more flavor and a different taste from the traditional hot water method.

How to make instant coffee using only cold water?

Apart from the appliances, the ingredients required are

  • Coldwater: 2 cups
  • Ice cubes
  • Dry instant coffee powder or coffee grounds: 2 teaspoon
  • Sugar as required
  • Milk (optional)


  1. In the Coffee maker, pour out the cold water instead of hot water and let it brew with the coffee ground well. This may take longer than usual to brew because using cold water instead of warm water will take some time to react with the coffee ground.
  2. Once brewed, add sugar and milk as per requirement.
  3. Let the coffee strain out of the cup and put it in a blender. Also, put in some ice cubes and let the blender do the magic.
  4. Pour out the Instant Coffee into a cup.

How to make instant coffee Alternatively.

Instead of using cold water add a little bit of hot water to brew the coffee, it will speed up the brewing process, and then add the sugar as required.

Now pour cold water into the cup and strain the mixture.

Put ice cubes and milk and blend the mixture. Pour the mixture into a glass and enjoy!

Is it safe to drink cold water coffee?

The answer is yes, but in moderation. Like hot water coffee, too much of it can be harmful to health. So while making it at home, the coffee should be in small amounts and consumed only occasionally.

Other points to be considered are

If the coffee is made with ice cubes, they should be taken out before drinking. They may get stuck in the throat.

There are different types of instant coffee available in the market. Some are made from decaf coffee powder, whereas others are made from ground coffee. Choose one that you are comfortable with and is compatible with the kind of coffee you like.

How are the two methods the same?

When it comes to taste, they taste incredible and give the same caffeine kick. Both methods are different. While making instant coffee with cold water takes more time to react with the coffee grounds because it is a slow process, it is faster to make in the second method.

In the second method, one can use less coffee ground and water, so the coffee will be weaker. In both methods, you get instant coffee, and it tastes good.

Regular Coffee vs Instant Coffee

The primary difference between coffee and instant coffee is that instant coffee has been made by adding coffee grounds to cold water, which leaves all the oils of the coffee intact. In contrast, regular coffee has been made by extracting the oils from the coffee beans. Instant coffee is made by using cold water instead of hot water.

Another difference is that instant coffee will keep for a long time, whereas regular coffee will lose the aroma and taste within hours.

Benefits of Cold Water Instant Coffee

  • There are several benefits of making instant coffee with cold water:
  • No or less caffeine
  • You can control the strength of the coffee by adjusting the amount of sugar and water used.
  • You can enjoy the taste of coffee without the need to wait for the coffee to cool down and without the hassle of making hot water coffee.
  • To top it off, instant coffee is way cheaper, readily available around every corner, easy to consume, and hassle-free to make.

Coldwater coffee is gaining popularity among coffee lovers. The reason is its taste and caffeine level. In fact, it is considered to have higher caffeine than hot water coffee. It has been said to be a healthier alternative to regular coffee.

To sum it up

Cold water coffee is a method of coffee-making using only cold water to brew the coffee. It is different from the traditional hot water coffee method because it uses cold water instead of hot water.

Coldwater coffee is popular among coffee lovers because of its unique taste. It is also said to have a longer extraction time than the traditional hot water method. To sum it up, we can say that you can make instant coffee with cold water and get the same great instant coffee.

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