Bonavita 1900 VS 1800 – Which One Is The Best?

Although Bonavita is a new and upcoming brand, it has already started creating ripples in the coffee maker industry. It is known for creating award-winning coffee makers and it is one of the very few that are SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) approved brewers out there. The Bonavita 1900 and Bonavita 1800 are the most high-quality coffee makers from this remarkable brand.

Both are durable and affordable. But if you are here to know which is the better coffee maker between these two, then I would have to say the Bonavita 1900 is the best one. You may be wondering why I say so, well, let’s take a look.

Why is the Bonavita 1900 Better Than 1800?

  • The Bonavita 1900 has a greater power output of 1500 watts as compared to the lower end model, 1800 which has a power output of 1400 watts only.
  • The thermal carafe of the Bonavita 1900 is much better than the 1800 because it is a stainless steel lined thermal carafe whereas the 1800 has a carafe which is glass lined thermal carafe.
  • The brew basket is more refined in the BV1900 and is flat-bottomed as compared to the conical shaped brew basket in the older version, BV1800.
  • The 1900TS also uses a pre-infusion brewing method that the 1800SS does not offer.

Differences between Bonavita 1900 and the 1800


As mentioned earlier, one of the greatest and most important differences among the two is the difference in the output of power. 1900 has a water heater which has the power output of 1500 watts whereas the 1800 has the power output of 1400 watts only for its water heater. And this makes a difference in brewing speed as well.


While the 1800SS has a glass-lined, stainless steel thermal carafe, the 1900ts has a double-wall insulated stainless steel, thermal carafe and this is always a better choice as compared to the 1800 because they are not prone to be destroyed easily. Although, they are quite similar in terms of the amount of time they will keep your coffee warm.

Brew basket:

The Bonavita brew baskets are designed in such a way that they don’t need any paper filters. And it uses less coffee as compared to other coffee makers because it has a very unique extraction process. It is a drip system that ensures that all the coffee gets saturated at the center of the brew basket.

The BV1800 has a V-shaped brew basket whereas the BV1900 has a flat-bottomed basket and a larger extraction hole at the bottom which is better because it allows more consistent and even extraction than the BV1800.

Extraction process:

The best aspect of the Bonavita 1900 is the pre-infusion mechanism they provide. The optional pre-infusion mode allows degassing of the coffee grounds by wetting the freshly ground coffee before brewing them. This is a mimicry of the artisan pour-over brewing method wherein the flow of the water is paused to allow the coffee grounds time to bloom. However, this feature is not available in the Bonavita 1800.


The 1900 has a wider showerhead with 11 holes that ensures even and consistent saturation. The showerhead on the 1800 though smaller, with only 5 holes, also aims to saturate all parts of the brew basket.

Brewing Noise:

1900 is said to be a little noisier in comparison to 1800 which has very minimal noise during the brewing process.

Brew speed:

With regards to the total brewing time, both coffee makers performed pretty similarly but the 1900 took the win by 1 minute. The BV1900TS is able to brew your coffee in 8 minutes whereas it takes the BV1800SS 9 minutes to do the same.


While both the 1900 and 1800 are absolutely beautiful and compact in design, there are a few noteworthy differences between them in their dimensions and weight The dimensions of the BV1900TS are 12.4 x 6.8 x 12.2 and it weighs 6.13 pounds whereas the dimensions of the BV1800SS are 10.75 x 6.25 x 12.2 and it weighs 6.39 pounds.

Similarities Between Bonavita 1900 and the 1800

Ease of use:

Both these coffee machines have a very straightforward brewing method. The Bonavita 1800 and 1900 use a one-touch operation system. Both of them have automated the entire process including the water pressure and temperature. All you have to do is wait for the brewing to be done.

• Cleaning process:

The plastic parts on both coffee makers are detachable and dishwasher safe so that makes the cleaning process incredibly easy for you.

Water reservoir capacity:

The Bonavita 1800 and 1900 have large and clear water reservoirs that make it easy to check the water level and know when to refill without having to remove time and again. The water reservoir capacity of both the 1900TS and the 1800SS is 8 cups which is quite a large amount despite them being so compact and small. And this amount is perfect for small office spaces and medium-sized families.

Cup size:

Both the 1900 and 1800 grant you the choice of customizing your cup sizes by utilizing the cup size markings on the water reservoir. You can make either 2,4, 6, or 8 cups of coffee depending on your needs and preferences.

Auto off system:

The auto-off mechanism is one of the best features on both the BV1900 and BV1800. After one and a half hours of inactivity, it automatically shut off, which reduces heat emission and saves energy.

Optimal brewing temperature:

Both the Bonavita 1800 and 1900 operate at an optimal brewing temperature which is 195 – 205 Fahrenheit (91 – 96 Celsius) and this brewing temperature allow the coffee to preserve its rich and authentic flavors and make a delicious cup of coffee for you.

BPA Free:

The plastic parts on both the coffee makers are BPA Free which means that they are nontoxic.

Bonavita 1900 vs 1800 – Which One Is Best For You?

Apart from the fact that the Bonavita 1900 has a posher and more sophisticated look, it is also an upgraded and more refined version of 1800. The brew basket of the 1900TS which has been redesigned is guaranteed to provide you better-tasting coffee that is less acidic and less bitter in comparison to the 1800SS. The thermal carafe is also a huge improvement in 1900 since it is a double-walled stainless steel thermal carafe as compared to the glass-lined stainless steel thermal carafe of 1800.

Stainless steel is more durable and less prone to damage than glass which makes the thermal carafe of 1900 more long lasting in comparison to 1800. So out of the two, the best pick is the Bonavita 1900.